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ON is a certified European Air Navigation Service Provider [1] which renders the Air Traffic Services, the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Services, and the Aeronautical Information Services to aircraft operating in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania as well as the areas above the territorial waters and the Baltic Sea comprising the Vilnius Flight Information Region. ON also ensures that the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre is on duty round-the-clock, and in the event of an aircraft accident, organises and coordinates search and rescue operations.  In reference to the nature of its activities, ON is an air transport infrastructure company which forms an integral and inseparable part of the Lithuanian transport sector, a company of strategic importance to national security. In terms of the added value, the Lithuanian transport sector is on third place in the Lithuanian economy (it accounts for 12 per cent of the GDP) which includes 7 550 companies with more than 118 000 employees. Being under the aegis of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the air transport sector is an inseparable part of the single and integrated Lithuanian transport infrastructure.

Due to the specific character of air navigation services, the system of the Lithuanian Air Traffic Management is inseparable from the European and the world Air Traffic Management System. Following implementation of the Single European Sky (SES) Concept in the European Union, in 2012 Lithuania and Poland, on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement, established the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (FAB), comprising the airspace of both states, and agreed on joint provision of air navigation services within the Baltic FAB airspace. ON develops strategic partnership and international cooperation relationships: it cooperates closely with the Polish Air Navigation Service Provider (PANSA) and the air navigation service providers of other functional airspace blocks; in order to reduce the negative impact of regional challenges and create the added value to  airspace users, ON also maintains relationship with the Belarusian and the Ukrainian Air Navigation Service Providers (BELAERONAVIGATSIA and UkSATSE, respectively); ON takes part in the activities of B4 Consortium [2], the European iTEC Alliance [3] and the regional initiatives [4]. ON’s representatives take an active part in workgroups of the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office, the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol), the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) and other international organisations.

[1] In conformity with the Law on Aviation of the Republic of Lithuania and the certificate issued by CAA, ON is the sole company that has been granted the right to provide the Air Traffic Services, the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Services, and the Aeronautical Information Services to aircraft operating in the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania.

[2] B4 Consortium is comprised of four Air Navigation Service Providers of Central and Eastern Europe: ON (Lithuania), PANSA (Poland), ANS CR (Czech Republic) and LPS (Slovak Republic).

[3] European iTEC Alliance (Interoperability through European Collaboration) is a project of partnership between air navigation service providers which aims for joint development of air traffic control systems in order to provide complete interoperability and the added value thereof, by taking advantage of the uniformity of the air traffic control systems being operated. Members of the European iTEC Alliance are major European Air Navigation Service Providers: ENAIRE (Spain), DFS (Germany), NATS (United Kingdom), AVINOR (Norway), LVNL (Netherlands), PANSA (Poland) and the technological partner – manufacturer of the air traffic control system, Indra.

[4] Gate One Initiative, the regional platform for cooperation between the Air Navigation Service Providers of Central and Eastern Europe.

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