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PJ.06-02: Is Free Route Airspace possible in the lower high complexity airspace?

BALTIC FAB partners Oro navigacija (Lithuania) and PANSA (Poland), both B4 Consortium members, are actively contributing to PJ.06-02 activities. 

The first validation of cross-border free route airspace (FRA) with full integration of RPAS in Baltic FAB’s high complexity lower airspaces has successfully taken place on December 10-14, 2018 at the Eurocontrol Experimental Center (EEC).

Now, to perform comprehensive Solution validation, Pj.06-02  partners are introducing an extra factor to the exercise scenario – simulation of cyber attack to ATM system which would affect correctness and accuracy of data received by ATCOs.

In this regard, 2 more validation sessions are envisaged in the Solution‘s Validation Plan:

  • In Poland‘s airspace (hosted by PANSA in Warsaw, see section below)
  • In Lithuania‘s airspace (hosted by Oro navigacija in Vilnius).  

The latter will be performed on March 12-14, 2019. The scenario envisages testing in both (FRA and fixed route network) environments. The airspace structures used are those currently in operation in terms of sectors, terminal maneuvering area (TMAs), military areas.

Three sectors will be active in Vilnius FIR (Lower, East, Upper). Although Solution 2 is focused on lower airspace (below FL310), as mentioned above, the upper airspace will also be simulated. Also, the military zones in the scenario create higher complexity therefore it was chosen to activate three temporary segregated areas (TSA 4,5,6), the dangerous area near the departures routes from EYKA (Kaunas) EYD12 as well as ensure presence of RPAS (remote piloted air systems). These zones remain activated the whole exercise.

The exercise will be performed by the team of 14 Oro navigacija’s ATCOs supported by Eurocontrol’s data collection and analysis experts and representatives of Indra, the Solution’s industry partner.

The exercise will be executed on the iTEC platform available at Oro navigacija’s premises. The key purpose of this platform is testing of the iTEC new generation ATM system (to be deployed by Oro navigacija in June 2019) and its further upgrades.

The validation will be culminated by the Open Day event on March 13, 2019 when the Solution partners will share their insights regarding the exercise run. The results will be later presented in the Solution’s Validation Report.

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As mentioned above, 2 other validations with participation of Baltic FAB have already taken place:

  • February 17-19, 2019 at PANSA‘s premises.

PANSA in cooperation INDRA performed the Real Time Simulation which focuses on cyber security issues, through the assessment of the impact that data integrity issues may have on human performance and safety. In particular, the exercise aimed at assessing whether there is a difference in ATCO’s ability to detect and solve errors due to data integrity issues in FRA environment compared with conventional air route network system (ARN).

Oro navigacija‘s ATCOs took part as guests at the Open Day Event following the exercise.

  • December, 10-14, 2018 at the Eurocontrol Experimental Center (EEC).

The exercise scenario envisaged use of Baltic FAB lower airspace (FL095-FL310) and real traffic sample of the summer of 2017. To reach the high complexity target, the airspace was also affected by the activated TSAs (Temporarily segregated areas) and presence of RPAS (remote piloted air systems). All traffic flew direct routes rather than choosing existing route network – and air traffic flow changes and ATCO‘s workload was constantly monitored. After the completion of the exercise our air traffic controllers presented their feedback at the Open Day Event.

Oro navigacija was represented by 10 experts: ATCOs Julija Razmislavičienė, Diana Rukšnaitienė, Edvinas Mačerinskas, Oleg Liapin, Jurijus Lokutijevskis, Indrė Armanavičė, Dmitrijus Smirnov, Head of Area Control Centre Gediminas Pupšys and Chief Operations Officer Nerijus Maleckas.

See the event video>>>>

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PJ.06 ToBeFREE - Trajectory Based Free Routing

Project category – advanced air traffic services

The project consists of 2 solutions: PJ.06-01 Optimized traffic management to enable Free Routing in high and very high complexity environments and PJ.06-02 Management of Performance Based Free Routing in Lower Airspace.

Oro navigacija and its B4 consortium partners PANSA (Poland), LPS (Slovak Republic) and ANS CR (Czech Republic) are the key contributors to the second solution (PJ.06-02)which aims to research the benefit and impact of expanding the Free Routing concept to the lowest limit possible (below FL310).


Evaluate impact to all stakeholders: Airspace Users, network manager, air navigation service providers;

• review traffic management solutions below FL310 in the European area;
• analyze several critical cases of route planning with and without use of airways, focused on fuel efficiency and time;
• analyze main traffic flows, software and algorithms available as well as impact and introduction of direct routing in various environment (FIRs);
• develop and optimize planning algorithms;
• test and assess of developed software in various environments (FIRs);
• validate in an integrated way the concept elements.

Validation exercises using Lithuania’s and Poland’s airspace will take place at Eurocontrol premises in Bretagny (France) in December 2018.

Contrasting groups of airspace users will be taken into account:

• scheduled and unscheduled airline and cargo traffic passing by in level flight, climb or descent;
• irregular but dense number of small piston or turbine aircrafts belonging to General and Business Aviation, including a moderate number of feeder airlines operating turboprop commuters

Making available Free Routing Airspace below FL310, will allow Airspace Users:

• To improve time and fuel efficiency including short haul flights of propeller driven aircrafts;
• Raise the automation level of flight planning and lessen workload of General Aviation flight crew.

PJ.06-02 Solution is led by DSNA (air navigation service provider of France). The contributors (beneficiaries) are: Eurocontrol, air navigation service providers Oro navigacija (Lithuania), PANSA (Poland), LPS (Slovak Republic), ANS CR (Czech Republic) ENAV (Italy), ENAIRE (Spain), Naviair (Denmark), Skyguide (Switzerland),  LFV (Sweden), Austro Control (Austria), Croatia Control (Croatia), aviation industry and technology companies INDRA (Spain), LEONARDO (Italy) and Thales  Air Sys (France).

Duration of PJ.06: from November 2016 to December 31, 2019. The Project will be considered completed after evaluation of results of defined exercises and approval of the Solutions‘ deliverables by the SESAR Joint Untertaking (SJU).

 PJ.06 Trajectory based Free Routing
Project Acronym:  PJ.06 ToBeFREE
Grant: 734129



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