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PJ.14 EECNS - Essential And Efficient Communication Navigation And Surveillance Integrated System 

Project category: Enabling aviation infrastructure

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) technologies on the ground and on-board the aircraft are an essential underlying technical enabler for many of the operational improvements and new procedures being developed within SESAR. Performance requirements for CNS systems are becoming increasingly complex and demanding and need to be considered as part of an integrated air and ground CNS system considering convergence towards a common infrastructure, and a unified concept of operations, where possible, across the different (COM, NAV and SURV) domains.  In parallel, CNS systems and infrastructure for both airborne and ground must take a more business oriented approach with efficient use of resources delivering the required capability in a cost-effective and spectrum efficient manner.

Dedicated studies on CNS technologies and infrastructure have already been performed within the frame of SESAR 1 (the first SESAR  programme, ran from 2008 to 2016). The SESAR 2020 PJ.14 (CNS) activities will aim: at enforcing the new technical capabilities of CNS solutions in order to fully meet the requirements derived from operational needs, taking into account the features and edges of these new emerging CNS technologies but will also fully exploit their new capabilities. Civil military CNS interoperability aspects and technology convergence must be covered in this project. The Civil-military CNS interoperability activities will aim to focus on surveillance and mission trajectory information exchange in relation with the SWIM services.

Oro navigacija participates in the Solution PJ.14-01-01 CNS Environment Evolution. This Solution  contributes to SESAR vision implementation though 8 key directions:

1.    Increased Digitalisation, Connectivity and High Automation Levels;
2.    Safe, secure and resilient infrastructure;
3.    Increased Civil-Military Synergies and Dual Use;
4.    Performance Based CNS;
5.    Rationalized infrastructure;
6.    Combined Satellite-based, Airborne and Ground-based CNS;
7.    Moving focus from physical assets to delivery of services;
8.    Long-term availability of suitable radio spectrum.

Solution PJ.14-01-01 is to perform research in the respective areas and to document results and insights in the following SESAR deliverables:

•    Integrated CNS Roadmap and strategy;
•    Performance-Based CNS;
•    CNS robustness & opportunities;
•    Civil/Military interoperability.

Oro navigacija is Performance-Based CNS task leader and a contributor to the other 3 above listed tasks.

This solution is neither a technical nor an operational one, and no validation objectives and exercises are planned during project execution. Therefore, their activities will be based on expert judgement and consultations with CNS European stakeholders (air navigation service providers, airspace users).

PJ.14-01-01 is led by Eurocontrol. Solution partners are:  Oro navigacija, air navigation service providers  ENAIRE (Spain) and NATS (United Kingdom), aviation industry and technology companies INDRA (Spain), LEONARDO and Telespazio (Italy), Thales  Air Sys (France), AIRTEL (Ireland).

Duration of PJ.14: from November 2016 to December 31, 2019. The Project will be considered completed after evaluation of results of defined exercises and approval of the Solutions‘ deliverables by the SJU.

PJ.14 Essential and Efficient Communication Navigation and Surveillance Integrated System
Project Acronym:  PJ.14 EECNS

Grant: 734168


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