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PJ.19 CI - Content integration

Project category – transversal (SESAR Solutions support)

The SESAR research, development and validation activities serves one common concept, which elaborates transitional changes to the functional ATM architecture in order to mirror the conceptual evolution towards the SESAR Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and to contribute to the Union-wide performance targets as defined by the SES Performance Scheme.  The SESAR 2020 Programme requires guidance and steering to achieve the objectives of the Master Plan.

SESAR 2020 Programme aims to modernise and harmonise the European ATM System from operational and technological perspective. It will develop and validate different ATM solutions that will contribute to achieving its high level performance objectives.

In SESAR 2020 there are 82 Solutions of 4 categories: High-performing airport operations, Advanced air traffic services, Optimised ATM network services and Enabling aviation infrastructure as well as 5 Very Large Scale Demonstration (VLD) projects which validate solutions with high technology readiness level before taking decision regarding their deployment.

While the decisions will be taken by SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) management and SESAR governance, there is a need for content integration activities that will support it. In this complex context, it is crucial to have a transversal activity that generates a consolidated big picture of the future European ATM System – the SESAR 2020 Concept of Operations, the High Level Architecture options, Services and the associated performance results. In SESAR2020 this important task is under the responsibility of PJ.19 -Content Integration.

Content Integration project (PJ.19) will deliver the elements allowing the SJU to continue the Architecture Modelling operations, in particular the populated database and the set of tool configuration and customisation files. The project will maintain CONOPS, manage ATM functional architecture, provide Service Roadmap, integrate and maintain the Information Service Reference Model content to ensure interoperability, maintain EATMA (European ATM Architecture Portal) and EATMA guidance material.

Oro navigacija is PJ.19-04 Performance management contributor. The project is led by ENAIRE (air navigation service provider of Spain) and involves these partners: Eurocontrol, air navigation service providers DFS (Germany), NATS (United Kindgdom), DSNA (France), ENAV (Italy) and aviation industry and technology companies AIRBUS (France), INDRA (Spain), Leonardo (Italy).

Duration of PJ.19: from November 2016 to December 31, 2019. The Project will be considered completed after evaluation of results of defined tasks and approval of the Solutions‘ deliverables by the SJU.

PJ.19 Content Integration
Project Acronym:  PJ.19 CI
Grant: 731765


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