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Oro navigacija is a proud SESAR 2020 PJ.20 project's partner and leader of some tasks related to working package WP2.2 Performance Planning. Together with our partners, we have been working on the new European ATM Master Plan 2019 edition. Want to learn more?

Marie-France Deslandes, Coordinator of the Master Plan Maintenance project (PJ20-AMPLE), discusses the project’s role in contributing towards the Single European Sky, improving performance and capacity and containing cost in more depth.

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PJ.20 AMPLE - Master Plan Maintenance

Project category – transversal (SESAR Solutions support)

In application of Article 3(1) of Regulation (EU) No 409/2013, The Air Traffic Management Master Plan (ATM-MP) has been given the status of being “the roadmap driving the modernisation of the European ATM system and connecting SESAR research and development with deployment. It shall be the key Single European Sky (SES) instrument for the seamless operation of the EATMN and the timely, coordinated and synchronised SESAR deployment”.

ATM MP is a dynamic document, which is updated periodically considering new SESAR achievements, forecasts, requirements and expectations, performance of European ATM network players. The ATM-MP has three levels (Executive view, Planning & Architecture view, and Implementation view) that require synchronized monitoring and alignment.

The latest ATM MP Edition was published in 2015. SESAR project PJ.20 task – to update the plan and provide the new edition for the EC approval in 2019. The plan will outline the vision and performance ambitions for future ATM systems within a timeframe of up to 2035 and beyond with a perspective towards 2040 and up to 2050, and to prioritise R & D activities and subsequent solutions required to achieve these objectives. To develop this new edition PJ.20 needs to consider output of other SESAR Solutions. The work shall consist in maintaining, updating and publishing as and when necessary the ATM-MP. It shall also consist in managing the ATM-MP update campaigns. Such campaigns consist in a major and simultaneous update of the three levels of the ATM-MP. The main scope of the Master Plan Maintenance project is therefore to support the delivery of up-to-date maintenance of the ATM MP and the alignment of its three levels. This includes ensuring that the SESAR performance ambition level is correctly established at the highest level and can flow into the programme to drive R&I and deployment prioritisation.

Oro navigacija is contributor of four PJ.20 working packages (WP2.1 ATM MP portal, WP2.3 Regulatory roadmap, WP2.6 Business case, WP2.7 Support to Campaign) and leader of working package WP2.2 Performance Planning.

Based on the EUROCONTROL long term forecast, WP2.2 will carry-out trend analyses for the SES key performance areas in order to anticipate the evolution of the capability requirements of both the European civil and military ATM operating environments (airports, terminal, en-route and network) for the medium to long term time horizon. These performance long term requirements will be assessed in relation to the performance ambition level expressed in the ATM MP Edition 2015 and the performance expected to be brought by the SESAR Solutions in order to guide the composition of Scenarios for Solutions deployment. To do so, WP2.2 Performance Planning activities will be fully connected with PJ19 activities (in particular Performance Framework).

Thus, PJ.20 will contribute to address the overall Programme objective to ensure that the SESAR Performance Ambition level drives R&I and deployment prioritisation.

Working package WP2.2 involves the following companies: Eurocontrol, air navigation service providers Oro navigacija (Lithuania), DFS (Germany), NATS (United Kingdom), DSNA (France), ENAV (Italy), ENAIRE (Spain), LVF (Sweden), Skyguide (Switzerland), Naviair (Denmark), Austro Control (Austria), aviation industry and technology companies AIRBUS and DASSAULT (France), INDRA (Spain), Leonardo (Italy), Thales Air Sys (France) as well as  airports Heathrow (United Kingdom), Schiphol (The Netherlands), Munchen (Germany), Swedavia (Sweden). 

Duration of PJ.20: from November 2016 to December 31, 2019. The Project will be considered completed after evaluation of results of defined tasks and approval of the Solutions‘ deliverables by the SJU.

PJ.20 Master Plan Maintenance
Project Acronym:  PJ.20 AMPLE

Grant: 733018


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