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World ATM Congress 2019


Now in its seventh year, World ATM Congress is the world’s largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference attracting over 8,500 people last year.
World ATM Congress is a Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) partnership with the Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA). It brings together the world’s leading product developers, experts, stakeholders, and air navigation service providers (ANSPs). Aviation thought leaders gather for three days of conference sessions, product demonstrations and launches, contract closures and educational and networking opportunities in Madrid, Spain.

  • •   1 venue
  • •   3 days
  • •   135+ sessions
  • •   136 countries and territories in attendance
  • •   238 exhibitors
  • •   21,000 Square Metre Exhibit Hall
  • •   260 speakers
  • •   unlimited opportunities

World ATM Congress. The ATMosphere for business.


The Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) is a cooperative arrangement between Poland and Lithuania in the field of air navigation services. To implement the EU’s Single European Sky concept, the States, National Supervisory Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers (Oro navigacija and PANSA) brought together their expertise, efforts and willingness for innovative changes. The main focus of the Baltic FAB is optimal performance of all users of two countries’ aggregated airspace comprising Warsaw and Vilnius flight information regions (FIRs).


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Presentation of Baltic FAB plans and achievements at PANSA’a booth Nr. 239.

"What will be the role of the Central & Eastern Europe?” debate
March 12, 2019, at 13:15, PANSA's booth Nr 239

On behalf of Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) and Oro navigacija (ON), which are the providers of air navigation services in the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB), we have the honour to invite you to a commonly organized debate titled "What will be the role of the Central & Eastern Europe?”. The debate will be devoted to discuss the future role of Central & Eastern European region in the light of current and upcoming changes in the ATM world.
Baltic FAB will be represented by Mr. Janusz Janiszewski, Chief Executive Officer of PANSA and Mr. Mindaugas Gustys, Chief Executive Officer of Oro navigacija.

Fragmentation or Subsidiarity? A question that no-one is asking
March 12, 2019, at 13:00, The FABEC OPS Theatre

A core assumption of the Single European Sky (SES) programme is that Europe’s air traffic management (ATM) system is fragmented. But it is unclear what this really means. What is the difference between a “fragmented” and “un-fragmented” ATM system and what impact does fragmentation really have on operations and performance? There is no clear view as to the optimum design of a European ATM system – which decisions should be taken at a local or regional level and which decisions should be taken centrally. Could there be performance benefits to giving local actors more, rather than less, responsibility for managing air traffic operations in their immediate vicinity?The panel aims to initiate a discussion on the question of how fragmentation within the aviation value chain impacts ATM operational performance. Starting with operational aspects, panellists will widen the scope of debate to related areas such as system infrastructure/technology, governance and institutional responsibilities etc. Views will be exchanged on the fragmentation of the aviation chain and its impact on the passenger experience.
Panel members representing BALTIC FAB, BLUEMED, FABCE, FABEC and DK/SE FAB.
Baltic FAB will be represented by Mr. Tomas Tamašauskas,  Oro navigacija's Chief Strategy Officer

Panel discussion "The Capacity Crisis - A Single Sector Cause or Are We Missing Other, Significant Factors?"
March 13, 2019, at 13:00, The FABEC OPS Theatre

Summer 2018 has been, in terms of air traffic punctuality, a mess. Forecasts from the Network Manager do not trigger any confidence that the situation will improve in the near future. But - accepting that the crisis is real - is it right to focus the discussion just on the performance of the air traffic management sector? Are there not other factors inside and outside the aviation chain that have contributed to the increase in delays? Do we have all the statistical evidence we need to make accurate analyses and conclusions on what meaningful measures will be needed to improve European aviation’s time-keeping?
The panel aims to enrich the ongoing discussion on the capacity crisis by looking at the problem in a different way. It will start from the viewpoints of passengers and public as they have appeared in the media over last summer. Based on this, panellists will enhance the scope of the discussion by including non ATM aviation-chain contributory factors along with elements beyond the industry’s control. They will investigate whether we will need more and different data sets before we can deliver effective and holistic industry solutions.
Panel members representing BALTIC FAB, BLUEMED, DANUBE FAB, FABCE, FABEC, the Network Manager and the FAA
Baltic FAB will be represented by Mr. Vidmantas Kairys,  International Cooperation Manager


Debate “A FAB approach to SESAR – achieving genuine FAB participation in SESAR projects”
March 12, 2019, at 14:30, The DANUBE FAB Booth Nr 270
Up to this point, FABs have been largely independent of SESAR development and deployment. Focus has been instead on the swift, synchronised uptake of each Member State individually. However, some deployments collaboration is evident through industrial partnerships, but not yet at FAB or interFAB level.
Looking forward, with the impending deadlines of the Pilot Common Project, it is believed that the intangible benefits of the FAB initiative provides the foundation for FAB level implementation of SESAR, potentially bringing benefits such as: swift implementation, mutual cooperation, cost savings, resource sharing and ultimately greater levels of interdependency. Given the operational challenges forecast for the next 5 years, these improvements could prove vital in providing the required capacity and fulfilling Member States’ commitments to SESAR.
High-level representatives of the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport’s Aviation Directorate, SESAR Deployment Manager and the FABs will be questioning both why this has not been the case so far, and whether there will be benefits to this approach in the future.

Baltic FAB will be represented by Mr. Maciej Rodak, PANSA Board Representative

iTEC members and EUROCONTROL continue to grow their partnership in the joint development of interoperability capabilities essential for the Single European Sky. On March 13, 2019 – EUROCONTROL and the members of the iTEC Collaboration, which includes Air Navigation Service Providers from across Europe and industry partner INDRA, will sign a Collaboration Agreement which meets the growing demand for air travel in Europe in a safe and efficient way.
The agreement enables the sharing of essential data which assists in the delivery of the SESAR concept of operations, outlined in the European ATM Master Plan, being deployed by iTEC members.

The Flight Object Interoperability Signature Ceremony will include keynote speeches by Mr. Robert Schickling, iTEC Board Chairman, COO DFS, Mr. John Santurbano, Director MUAC and Mr. Florian Guillermet, Executive Director SESAR JU. After that, the Collaboration Agreement will be signed by Mr. John Santurbano (MUAC) and iTEC members Mr. Ángel Luis Arias Serrano (ENAIRE), Mr. Robert Schickling (DFS), Mr. Anders Kirsebom (AVINOR), Mr. Rafael Gallego (INDRA), Marlou Banning (LVNL) Mr. Tim Bullock (NATS), Mr. Janusz Janiszewski (PANSA) and Mr. Mindaugas Gustys (Oro navigacija).

March 13, 2019, at 10:00, Room Nr 118

During the unforgettable time filled with exquisite entertainment, you will be able to taste specialities of Polish cuisine and listen to a beautifull live music performed by Kamila, Agnieszka, Aleksandra and Justyna, known as The Obsession Quartet. The group was set up by four female instrumentalists, for whom graduating from the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw was only the beginning of their artistic explorations.

March 12, 2019, at 17:00, Booth Nr 239


An evening cocktail reception full of delicious regional food and entertainment accompanied by a smooth pleasant music.

March 13, 2019, at 17:00, Booth Nr 239

Note: The Booth # 239 belongs to Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), our Baltic FAB partner. At this Booth, PANSA will present not only Baltic FAB, but many more products and services. Visit PANSA's WAC 2019 website>>>

Looking forward to meeting you at World ATM Congress 2019!

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