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Air Traffic Services

Provision of air traffic services (ATS) is an integral part of civil aviation activities of any country. In Lithuania air traffic services are provided by:


  • Vilnius Area Control Centre;
  • Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre;
  • Kaunas Aerodrome Control Centre;
  • Palanga Aerodrome Control Centre;
  • Šiauliai Aerodrome Control Centre.


Air traffic services include: air traffic control services (area, approach and aerodrome control), flight information services (aerodrome flight information services, in some aerodromes automatic terminal information services) and alerting services.

In accordance with the airspace classification air traffic services are provided in the airspace over the territory and territorial waters of the Republic of Lithuania and over the Baltic Sea high seas which comprise the Vilnius Flight Information Region (FIR).

High quality of the services is guaranteed by qualified specialists and the up-to-date ATC system meeting the international standards. Quick upgrade of the ATC equipment started after the Restoration of Lithuania’s Independence. New opportunities were opened by implementation of the THOMSON radar system: due to the increased quality of the air navigation services Lithuania’s airspace became more welcoming to the airlines. In 1994, for the quick upgrade of all ATC processes the then State Air Traffic Control Service was awarded ICAO 50th Anniversary Medal of Honour.

Increasing traffic volume and growth of requirements for air traffic services as well as the world practice in ATC equipment modernization spurred on a project on implementation of the automated ATC system EUROCAT X supplied by the French THALES company in the Area Control Centre and the Vilnius Aerodrome Control Centre. EUROCAT X has been functioning already for ten years, so in 2014 a new investment project, very important to the future performance of the enterprise, was started: “Construction of a New Administrative and the Area Control Centre Building and Acquisition of Equipment for Provision of Air Navigation Services”.

In Kaunas air traffic control centre operation of the Czech-made equipment ALS-2.1 was started a few years ago, in Palanga AirCon 2100 equipment by Spanish INDRA was implemented and successfully launched in 2013, which allowed more efficient air traffic control in the western part of the country’s airspace. A project on replacement of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) in Kaunas ATCC was successfully completed in 2014. We also started modernising the air-ground communication: a contract on supply of new equipment was signed with the Norwegian Jotron A.S.

In order to extend the functionalities of the approach and aerodrome ATC simulator, a contract on its modification was signed with the company NITA in 2014. The upgraded functionalities will comply with the new European air traffic management requirements. We also started implementation of the wide area multilateration surveillance system. On the basis of a joint research agreement, this project will be performed in cooperation with the manufacturers, the Finnish company NRPL Aero OY.

In 2014 a project on implementation of a mobile ATC Tower was completed. It may be used in various aerodromes in case of contingencies when for some reasons the main ATC tower cannot function. In the premises of Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute a modern aerodrome control simulator was installed. In 2013 radar systems in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga started operating in Mode S, we started using the on-line-data interchange (OLDI) in ATC system EUROCAT-X for flight coordination with Riga and Minsk air traffic control centres.

In all air traffic control centres the hardware and software of the automated terminal information service (ATIS) equipment was upgraded and the automated meteorological information system (AMIS) implemented. In 2013 we upgraded the surface movement surveillance radar system for Vilnius aerodrome as well as the software for the multilateration system for aerodrome surface surveillance.

Technical specialists of the enterprise take an active part in implementation of the Eurocontrol safety regulation requirements, draw up technical specification for new projects and also support actively Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute by sharing their experience in training electronic specialists. 


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