For State Enterprise “Oro Navigacija”


Application for Flight without Transponder within The Airspace Managed by The Republic of Lithuania (543.8 KB)


Application for Permit for Flight in the Prohibited or Restricted Areas (docx, pdf) (144.4 KB)


Report on Planned Military Flights in the Restricted Area (119.3 KB)


Application for Temporary segregated area (TSA) (docx. pdf) (138.4 KB)


Application for special gliders zone (SGZ) (docx, pdf) (123.3 KB)


Information concerning the establishing of the conditions for special remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) operations in controlled airspace (366.5 KB)


Notification for estimated low level flights (393.8 KB)


Flight Notification for Light Unmanned Meteorological Free Balloon Operations in the Airspace of Republic of Lithuania (32.4 KB)

  Information to the State enterprise „Oro navigacija“ on planned activities in the danger area or planned military flights in the restricted area shell be provided by Lithuanian Armed Forces.
  Application for activation of temporary segregated area (TSA) or special gliders zone (SGZ) can be provided only by authorized users (have signed an agreement with State enterprise „Oro navigacija“).

For Lithuanian Air Force:


Application for permit for Flight of civil aircraft in the border area (docx, pdf) (246.6 KB)


Application for permit for Flight in the prohibited or restricted areas (docx, pdf) (183.4 KB)


Prior Permission Request (PPR) to Šiauliai Airport (21.3 KB)

  The files are available in ZIP Archive Format.


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