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Do you notice potential corruption? Have you been bribed or were you allowed to understand that you would have to pay off? Do you think that buying is a pre-determined decision to win it, that it creates obstacles for others to participate, or do you know about a cartel? Do you see that you use your responsibilities or influence to gain personal or other financial benefits? Or maybe stealing? Protected Individuals?

Or maybe you notice other threats?

Don't be indifferent - pay attention !!!
Only together will we find that we will only settle together, but together we will heal the wounds of the company, only together we will protect you. All your messages directly - without any intermediaries - will reach me. I'll see you honestly for every referral.
Žygimantas Jakonis, Vytautė Juškaitė, Donatas Dačkevičius


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In the notification, indicate the persons, the place, the time, the persons who are able to confirm the specified circumstances, and other data that you consider relevant to the corruption-related offenses.
A person who submits a message to Oro navigacija about the actions taken by ON may not be informed of the decisions taken if he / she does not indicate his / her name, date of birth and telephone number or email. The email address or other address at which you can reply.
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