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Growing number of flights witnessed at the end of April


At the beginning of April, the flight statistics did not exhibit positive trends, nevertheless, on the last days of this month the curve of flights went distinctly upwards and the results of the second week of quarantine were reached.

In ...

Oro Navigacija published the financial results of the enterprise for 2019: the profit contribution amounted to more than one million Euros


The confirmed audited net profit received by state enterprise Oro Navigacija in 2019 amounted to 3,095 thousand EUR and was higher by 2,973 thousand EUR than it was expected back in 2018 when the enterprise earned 4,329 ...



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The successful growth of the number of flights comes to a halt due to pandemic


Even though the first quarter of this year was marked by the growth in the number of flights within the Lithuanian airspace, in March, when the airports started closing down in various countries of the world, the number of flights ...

In January the number of flights increased slightly, changes associated with coronavirus are expected in February


In January 19.3 thousand of flights or 1.8 percent more than during the same period during the last year were delivered services in Lithuanian airspace. The number of overflights reached 14.5 thousand or 1.6 percent more ...

The total number of flights as well as the number of transit flights increased during the year


London, Riga, Warsaw, Copenhagen and Moscow are the top five destination cities to which the biggest number of flights from international Lithuanian airports of Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai were directed in 2019. The number of flights attended to by ...

Lithuanian sky in 2019: types of flights and aircraft, prevailing airlines


The top five airlines, which executed the biggest amount of flights in Lithuanian airspace during the last year, remained the same. The airspace over our country was mostly used by Russian, Latvian, Finish, Irish and Hungarian airlines. Even the type ...

Flight results for eleven months: most popular destinations


The growth of both total and transit flights was more than one percent in 11 months of this year.

In January to November, the air traffic controllers of Oro Navigacija handled 249.7 thousand flights, i.e. 1.2 percent ...

Additional measures to reduce aircraft noise in Vilnius


An additional aircraft noise management tool came into effect in the beginning of December in Vilnius. From now on, pilots can only make the first turn when taking off after reaching higher altitudes; moreover, the first turning point has been ...

Most popular flight directions, air routes in Lithuania and other interesting sky stories


Intense traffic takes place not only around us – on the streets, on the roads, but also above us – in the air. Whilst preparing to celebrate the International Civil Aviation Day on December 7th, let's have a closer look at ...



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