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Flight Number Continues to Grow: Increase of Almost 7% in December and 5% over the Year


The number of flights, handled over incomplete December 2017, was almost by 7% higher than in the same period of 2016. From the 1st to 26th of December the total number of flights made up 15,240 and ...

Mindaugas Gustys Appointed as Director General of SE Oro navigacija


Having won the competition for director general of SE Oro navigacija which had been announced by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Mindaugas Gustys took up the post of Director General of the enterprise on 1 December 2017.

On 29 ...

Annual Consultation Meeting with the Users of Lithuanian Airspace


An annual consultation meeting with the users of Lithuanian airspace arranged by the State Enterprise Oro navigacija together with the national supervisory authority the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA), and the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service took place at the enterprise on 16 ...

Flight Number Increased by One Tenth in October; Major Users Remain the Same


In October the number of flights handled in Lithuanian airspace made up 22.5 thousand, i.e. by 11% more than in the same period last year. Five airlines – major users of Lithuanian airspace – remain the same: Finnair (Finland), Air ...

Selection of Three Independent Members to the Board of SE Oro navigcija is Taking Place


SE Oro navigacija is conducting selection of three independent Board members for a period of four years. Candidates are invited to submit their applications by 12 November 2017.

Candidates for the Board members shall meet the general requirements of higher ...

Oro navigacija’s Anti-Corruption Initiative Recognised as Winner


The State Enterprise Oro navigacija has been recognised as winner of the competition of anti-corruption initiatives. Read more...

Possibilities of Applying Anti-Corruption Management System Analysed


Employees of SE Oro navigacija enhanced their knowledge in corruption prevention sphere by taking part in an information seminar on the Lithuanian standard LST ISO 37001:2017 requirements for anti-corruption management system and its application, which was held on 17 ...

By Eight Per Cent More Flights Handled in September


In September the number of flights in the Lithuanian airspace increased by 8%, compared to the same period last year, and the total number of flights over the nine months of this year increased almost by 4%, compared to the ...

U.S. AF Officers Get Familiarised with Rescue Capacity in Lithuania


On 14 September 2017 the U.S. Air Force officers, who started the air policing mission in Lithuania on the 1st of September, were familiarised with Lithuania’s rescue capacity in the event of an aircraft accident or emergency ...

Baltic FAB strengthens cooperation with Ukraine


On September 12, 2017, founders of the Baltic Functional Airspace Block (Baltic FAB) - more...

Airspace Management Issues Discussed while Participating in EU RPAS Monitoring Programme


Lithuania is planning to make use of the European Maritime Safety Agency’s (EMSA) newly-established Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) for maritime and pollution monitoring as well as search and rescue operations in the European Union territorial waters.

According to ...

Preparedness of Oro navigacija’s Employees for an Emergency Tested in Exercise


A civil protection exercise was conducted at the State Enterprise Oro navigacija on September 7, 2017 during which the process of making and implementing decisions in case of an emergency at the enterprise was tested according to a modelled real-life ...

Project “Schoolchildren – to the Government”: Pupils Familiarised with Activities of the Enterprise


On 24 August 2017, members of the project..

Redirection of Flights to Kaunas: Successful Operation Due to Responsible Preparation


Increase in flight number by almost by five times in Kaunas... read more...

By 3 Per Cent More Flights Handled in the First Half-Year


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