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Marius Beliūnas appointed as the chief executive officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija

As the term for the inspection established under the law ended, Marius Beliūnas, who has been newly appointed as the chief executive officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija, started to run the position as of 10th September 2020, having won the competition for this position in July.

“The activity of state enterprise Oro Navigacija is especially responsible and significant for Lithuanian aviation sector, since the safety of the flights, as well as the lives of thousands of people, depend upon it. I am glad that the new chief executive officer of the enterprise shall focus on the safety of the flights and the procedures pertaining to it. I have no doubts that the competences of Marius Beliūnas and his team shall enable them to ensure fluent and professional work of Oro Navigacija”, stated the Minister of Transport and Communications Jaroslav Narkevič.

“When organising the work of the enterprise I shall seek to ensure the safety of the flights as it is the essential mission of the enterprise. Operational, technical, strategic, financial, administration, safety and security activities must be carried out consistently in order to achieve this objective. Internal work organisation and safety culture, the expectations of the owner of the enterprise and the team leaders are especially significant for guaranteeing such consistency. I shall focus on efficient and competent provision of the services and the enterprise being a sustainable part of the transport and communications sector”, - claimed M. Beliūnas, who also added that a significant share of attention shall be dedicated to creation of good work environment, promotion of team spirit among the employees of the enterprise and improving the trust in the enterprise of the general society and direct clients.

Marius Beliūnas has been working as the acting chief executive officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija since April this year, while before this appointment he was the Head of Department of Safety and Security of the enterprise.

The newly appointed CEO of the enterprise graduated from Lithuanian University of Law receiving a Master’s Degree. He has been working at state enterprise Oro Navigacija for three years. Before that Marius Beliūnas worked in national defence system and was awarded for merits and exemplary performance of the service numerous times. During his work at transport and communications sector Marius Beliūnas received the acknowledgements of the Minister for active contribution to increasing transparency within the state. 

20 candidates participated at the competition for the position of chief executive officer of state enterprise Oro Navigacija. The requirements for CEO of the enterprise included having no less than 3 years of experience working as a head, ability to evaluate the problems from analytical point of view and to provide various alternative solutions for them, as well as to forecast the consequences of their execution. The candidates were also expected to submit their activity programme as that of the future chief executive officer of the enterprise.

About state enterprise Oro Navigacija:

State enterprise Oro Navigacija is a certified European provider of air navigation services, which provides air traffic control, communication, navigation and surveillance as well as air navigation information services within the whole airspace of the Republic of Lithuania, also above the territorial waters and within the airspace of the Baltic Sea, which is part of Vilnius flight information region. 



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