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Taking into consideration that the nature of activity of Oro Navigacija is to ensure safe air traffic within the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania, safety will always remain the biggest priority of the enterprise, since we are responsible not only to the clients and the society, but to ourselves as well. Therefore, we always dedicate a lot of attention to reducing the pollution, education, equal rights and other sustainable development aspects. The activity of Oro Navigacija is based on economic, social responsibility and environment protection aspects, which are in compliance with the sustainable development goals established by the United Nations, moreover we contribute to the implementation of these goals:

  • economic: besides the suitable work and economic growth we contribute to the industry, innovation and infrastructure development by ensuring sustainable management of the enterprise finances, increasing the performance efficiency and organizing the public procurement in transparent and efficient manner, especially by seeking to increase the share of green procurement, executing transparent and responsible activity, honest tax contributions and zero tolerance for corruption;
  • social: we ensure the highest aviation safety and security, are concerned about the human rights as well as the wellbeing of every employee, also suitable microclimate of the work environment, support the communities and encourage progress. We place major focus on employee and human rights, social initiatives and projects, promotion of progress by participating in various scientific research and educational programs along with our partners;
  • environment protection: we invoke and introduce to the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania innovative solutions, enabling the enterprise to contribute to the goals established by Single European Sky/ green course programs, we regularly assess the impact of the enterprise upon the environment and seek to reduce it as much as possible. We separate the impact caused by:
    • the main activity of the enterprise (provision of air navigation services), enabling the airspace users to reduce the negative impact upon the environment even as the flight flows increase;
    • Oro Navigacija as an enterprise (economic subject), which contributes to reduction of the pollution and impact upon the climate change in the course of its everyday activities.



The areas of impact of Oro Navigacija activities have been identified, including identification of stakeholders:  

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania, the board of the enterprise and audit committee;
  • international organizations, institutions, associations and consortiums, also Baltic FAB management;
  • Lithuanian state institutions;
  • airspace users, aerodromes, other air navigation service providers;
  • business and other partners (media, society, universities);.
  • internal stakeholders of Oro Navigacija: employees, trade unions and the management of the enterprise.

The analysis of the needs, expectations and impact of the stakeholders of Oro Navigacija covers the following steps:

  • compiling a list;
  • establishing the type (group);
  • identifying the needs and expectations of each of them regarding the activities of Oro Navigacija;
  • determining impact course, type and scope;
  • categorizing into groups in accordance with uniform criteria;
  • establishing importance and priorities.


Updated at: 2022-01-28 11:14:53