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 Oro Navigacija provides air traffic services from the aviation centres of four main Lithuanian aerodromes in Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga and Šiauliai. The Air Traffic Control Centres (ATCC) of these aerodromes supervise the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania below flight level 95, whereas the Regional Air Traffic Control Centre (RATCC) provides air traffic services within the flight information region, supervises the airspace above flight level 95.

  • Vilnius Aerodrome Air Traffic Control Centre is responsible for aircraft arriving in/ departing from Vilnius;
  • Kaunas Aerodrome Air Traffic Control Centre is responsible for aircraft arriving in/ departing from Kaunas;
  • Palanga Aerodrome Air Traffic Control Centre is responsible for aircraft arriving in/ departing in the Western part of the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Šiauliai Aerodrome Air Traffic Control Centre is responsible for aircraft arriving in/ departing from Šiauliai.


Air traffic services

  • Air traffic control services We are responsible for real-time regulation of aircraft movement on the ground and in controlled airspace from aerodromes and for providing the services of the regional air traffic control centre. Our air traffic controllers are responsible for ensuring safe air traffic on a daily basis, thus preventing possible aviation incidents and providing the instructions and recommendations required for a safe flight.
  • Flight information services. We constantly provide the most up-to-date and relevant information to aircraft crews in order to ensure flight safety.
  • Alert information services. We pass on the information about the aircraft that requires search and rescue services to the relevant organizations.

Air traffic flow management

We ensure the safe, orderly and rapid air traffic flow so that the capacities of air traffic control services are used optimally, and the traffic volumes correspond the capacities specified by the air traffic service providers, the aircraft delays are either avoided or kept to a minimum.

Airspace management

We coordinate airspace so that it is used as efficiently as possible, enabling the operation of various categories of airspace users (commercial, general and military aircraft.

Communication, navigation or surveillance services

By constantly providing ground-to-ground, air-to-ground and air-to-air communications (communications) necessary for air traffic control, we provide real-time positioning and timing information to the aircraft itself (navigation) and aircraft or ground vehicle position and speed information to the air traffic controller so that, when necessary, to ensure the required separation between the aircraft (surveillance). We ensure these services, invoking the entire possessed equipment and measures.

Aeronautical information service

The specialists working at the briefing center prepare, update and disseminate aeronautical information, which encompasses:

  • flight plans and their composition;
  • pre-flight newsletters;
  • consultation on air navigation and flight route composition matters;
  • ongoing flight course control in data systems;
  • publication of significant aeronautical information notices (NOTAM);
  • preparation and dissemination of Visual Flight Map of Vilnius Flight Information Region and Aerodrome Information Publication of the Republic of Lithuania both in English and Lithuanian languages;
  • other functions significant for execution of flights.

Search and rescue services

In case of aircraft incident, we organize and coordinate search and rescue operations on 24/7 basis, encompassing both civil aviation and military aircraft. We maintain close cooperation with military air force, Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian police, Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service and other institutions which can be of assistance to us in a certain case.


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